Mystic Arts | Kelvedon Institute Hall, Kelvedon Highstreet – 15th May 2019

 Kelvedon Institute Hall, Kelvedon Highstreet – 7.30pm 10:00pm


Event Details:

Small intimate 24 Person event

Introduction from Judith Hood: Psychic Medium

Take part in:

Crystal Healing / Relaxation – Pendulum use

Demonstrations of:

Mediumship – Rune use – Oracle & Yantra cards


An Evening of Mystic Arts - Kelvedon Institute Hall | 15th May 2019

An intimate 24 person event.

Introduction by Judith Hood Psychic Medium followed by group participation in crystal healing and relaxation and pendulum use.  Demonstrations of Rune use, Mediumship and the Tarot and Yantra cards.

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