Public Speaker in Essex

As an experienced public speaker I am happy to speak at any type of venue either on the subject of the Paranormal or motivational or inspirational speaking.  I also have organisational skills and an ability to keep an event on track.  I believe a calm but passionate approach is what makes for a great Event Host.

I have known for 10 years that I am a Medium. Before that I just believed that lots of “spooky” things happened to me.  I always had a good story to tell when I met up with my friends owing to strange occurrences happening to me almost daily. I enjoy speaking on this subject as there are many questions I am always asked as soon as anyone discovers that I am a Medium.  I have a great interest in the Paranormal and have many tales to tell.  There are plenty of practising Mediums but I am not sure that there are many that are willing to simply talk about what they are actually experiencing as they receive communication from those that have passed over.

In addition to my life as a Medium I have had a very interesting and varied career which has led me to the point of being able to talk with some passion about the pitfalls and joys of having your own business.  But most importantly, following dreadful failure and distress, the huge benefits in being able to get back up, brush oneself down and start again.

My fees vary depending on the size of audience and venue.  They start at £75.00 plus travelling expenses if I am travelling more than 15 miles from home.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Find me on Diannemannering.co.uk at http://www.diannemannering.co.uk/judith-hood